The End of Sit-ups

In treating low back pain, one important aspect of the treatment plan is to recommend activity precautions, those movements that are likely to further injure the spine. One precaution that comes as a surprise to many of my patients is the advice to avoid sit-ups.

CDC Guidelines for Opioid Prescription

The CDC is preparing to release guidelines for opioid management and there is a lot of conversation surrounding them.

A draft of the recommendations can be read here and the guidelines can be summarized as limiting opioid prescriptions only to patients who cannot be effectively treated without them, careful monitoring to identify preexisting addiction, preventing new cases of addiction and, in most cases, limiting the dose of opioids prescribed by primary care physicians.

Spine Extension for Bone Health

Osteoporosis is a common bone condition that results from a decrease in bone density. It can be diagnosed by a bone mineral density scan, a special type of x-ray procedure, or based on a clinical finding of a fragility fracture which is defined as a bone fracture that occurs with a relatively small force, such as breaking the femur, a leg bone, from stumbling on a rug.

Epidurals Steroid Injections

There is a recent article that may affect the public perception of epidural steroid injections.

A new meta-analysis by Dr. Roger Chou published in the Annals of Internal Medicine finds that epidural injections are associated with only short-term relief when used to treat lumbar radiculopathy, a condition in which a pinched nerve root in the low back shoots pain to the leg. It is commonly also referred to as sciatica.

NSAIDs and Heart Risk

In last month’s medical news, a lead story was the FDA’s strengthening of the language on the increased risk of heart-attack and stroke caused by a class of medications called nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) which are often used to treat pain and inflammation.

The Preventive effect of vitamin C for chronic Pain

On the first post of the Synovation blog, we look at the preventive effect of vitamin C for chronic pain. The common cold is probably the disease most people think about when considering the preventive effects of vitamin C, but some recent studies have shed light on its ability to prevent a debilitating condition called complex regional pain syndrome, or CRPS….