DART study: Diagnosing Adverse Drug Reactions, Medicare Funded Pharmacogenomics Study.

MIDAS ENCORE study looking at MILD procedure vs ESI for lumbar stenosis with neurogenic claudication.

PRIZM study: Patient registry for interthecal Prialt: to evaluate the effectiveness, long-term safety, tolerability, satisfaction with treatment, and health-related quality of life (HRQoL) associated with Intrathecal PRIALT use for severe chronic pain of varying etiologies.

Valencia Technologies: Feasibility Study on Neuromodulation for Chronic Low Back Pain: Dr. Verdolin and Dr. Levine Enrolling

Mesoblast: Phase 3 RCT with intradiscal mesenchymal stem cells injections for discogenic low back pain. Dr. Verdolin, Dr. Bustos, and Dr. Levine Selected for.